Automated Employee Scheduling

Automated Scheduling

Reduce the time spent creating and sharing your employee schedules.

Flexible Scheduling Workflows

Flexible Workflows

Instantly fill open shifts, track time-off and efficiently manage shift-trades.

Real-time Scheduling Notifications

Real-time Notifications

Ensure managers & employees are up-to-date with instant notifications.

Multi-location Employee Scheduling


Easily manage and share employees across all locations and departments.

Employee Shift Guidance

Shift Guidance™

Optimize your labor requirements based on historical demand.

Schedule Reporting

On-demand Reporting

Generate customized views into all of your scheduling & employee data.

Employee Timecards


Simplify your payroll by tracking breaks and actual hours worked.

World Class Support Services

World Class Services

Prompt support & personalized setup via phone, email or online.

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Powerful & Flexible

Effectively manage employee schedules, availability, open shifts and absence requests. Employees interact with schedules, pickup/swap shifts & request absences while managers always maintain real-time visibility and control.

Ease of Use

Take advantage of our scheduling wizard and create your schedules in minutes instead of hours. Choose from a library of templates or import your existing schedules – then easily copy, revise and share across your entire organization.


Start saving more time and money! Our fees are substantially less than other employee scheduling solutions and we do it without sacrificing the functionality you need to keep everyone in the right place at the right time.


React & Optimize

Our proprietary Shift GuidanceTM algorithm can anticipate labor demand and optimize schedules with historical ERP/POS data. We can more efficiently schedule employees across multiple locations helping you react to unexpected changes.


Manage unlimited schedules, locations and employees. eSchedule is trusted by the world’s largest eyeglass retailer to manage thousands of locations and keep tens of thousands of employees in the right place at the right time every single day.

Professional Services

The eSchedule Team prides itself on unparalleled customer service with extensive support to help you implement Shift GuidanceTM, load system data and successfully introduce eSchedule across your entire organization.