Save Time Scheduling

Get managers out of the office quicker and back onto the retail floor

Meet Labor Demand

Always have the right number of staff to service your customers

Reduce Absenteeism

Automatic SMS & email notifications ensure employees know their shifts

It can be difficult for managers to predict what labor coverage they will need on any given day. Being overstaffed results in unnecessary expenses while being understaffed means unhappy customers and lost sales. By analyzing your stores historic customer demand, Shift Guidance™ improves your ability to create properly staffed schedules and allows you to achieve monthly labor targets. If an unexpected change does occur in customer volume, eSchedule can react instantly by releasing additional “open shifts” to your available staff. Start making informed labor decisions with your simplified scheduling solution now.

“Biggest benefit of eSchedule is increased visibility of and for decisions.”

- Dan J. (World’s Leading Eyeglass Retailer)

Enterprise Case Study

At the World’s Leading Eyeglass Retailer, multiple locations mean that managing labor costs and quickly adjusting to sales trends is vital; however, it can be a daunting task when each store brings unique challenges… Read more

SMB Case Study

Greatwood Lumber, a home improvement and Ace hardware store, was struggling to keep control over their scheduling. Each week they were taking a lot of time to complete the schedule and usually had inaccurate information… Read more

Change your organization’s labor management from reactive to adaptive:

  • Real-time availability capabilities ensure that you can only schedule those staff members that don’t create scheduling conflicts.
  • If an employee is absent for their shift, release it as an “Open Shift” and automatically have other employees notified.
  • One-on-one training, support resources and concierge setup make for a quick, simple implementation for both you and your teams.