How much do you earn? What about the people you work with? Imagine paying an external person your wage just for scheduling services…. unlikely right. So why is it OK for you to do this repeatedly each month? Shall we call the people with the white jackets now or are you ready for the sane web-based scheduling alternative?

eSchedule Aligns Services and Clients

All services, whether professional or technical or volunteer, involve one party supplying another party some form of assistance. Scheduling flexibility, whether for simplified project coordination between various groups or administrating one-to-one appointments, is a critical component in meeting requirements while controlling costs. Our members in this industry frequently leverage eSchedule’s flexible features such as open-shift scheduling, shift templates, shift alarms, and instant notifications.

What you can do with eSchedule…

…in a Glance

  • Managers / Coordinators : verify and confirm coverage
  • Practitioners / Volunteers : see type of service to be delivered

…with a Click

  • Managers / Coordinators : configure automatic notifications
  • Practitioners / Volunteers : pick up open shifts

…under a Minute

  • Managers / Coordinators : copy a schedule template and roster from similar project
  • Practitioners / Volunteers : search geographically for additional employment locations

Simplified and Streamlined Servicing:

  • ability to coordinate services on an as-needed basis minimizes lost labor hours
  • easy and accurately create schedules reflecting the needs of our customers
  • complexities around different geographies and aligning multiple services are nullified for those coordinating